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Law Firm Robert Khuana and Partners, is one of the Law Offices that has been established since 1987, and is domiciled in Denpasar, Bali Indonesia. Our office has more than 30 years of legal practice in both litigation and non-litigation.

Having experience handling various legal issues at the national level, as well as having an international network. We want to ensure that our clients get the legal services they need in line with Indonesian law.

Our law office is located in Denpasar-Bali, Indonesia, which is also known as one of the most favorite tourism destinations in the world, but can handle cases throughout Indonesia.

Law Firm / Robert Khuana and Partners, has partners in our office who have experience in various fields of law and try to serve clients well, and have a good reputation, nationally and internationally. Having a partnership in the form of team work with a number of Lawyers at the international level, especially from Australia in helping Australian citizens who have legal problems in Indonesia, especially in Bali.

Our office is also experienced in serving various foreign citizens who have problems in Bali, both in criminal, commercial and civil case matters including property

Managing Partners from Law Firm Robert Khuana has also been the Coordinator of the Bali Provincial Law Team from 2008 to present

The era of globalization requires a way of communication that is fast and effective. Through this website, we wish to invite you to find out about our legal services and other information that you may need.

You can contact us by email to info@robertlawyer.com, rap.lawfirmbali@gmail.com

Phone: (0361) 240810,226555,262734

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